THE TALE OF THE SEAS is a coming-of-age fantasy following a mysterious sea creature that washes up on the shores of an isolated fishing village.  MERI, the childless wife of fisherman NEREUS, finds the creature and secretly nurses it back to health, but the knowledge of his existence becomes the talk to the town and creates uneasiness among villagers weary of change. The village’s destructive ways pushes their spirit world to a breaking point, and it’s up to two outcasts to steer them away from a path of self destruction.

Director’s statement

THE TALE OF THE SEAS is a unique project in that it not only is a one-of-a-kind ultra low budget feature, but a dramatic adventure rarely told in full length animated form. With this film we hope to not just expand horizons within the industry by showing what can be done on a shoe string budget, but hopefully open new doors for other artists to do the same. Animation is not a genre but a medium and live action indie films have been flourishing for years.  Based on current advances in technology and our experience in animation, we feel confident that a new space can be created in which low budget, full length indie animated films can thrive. And it is our hope that THE TALE OF THE SEA will contribute to that by being the film that would prove us right and resonate with like-minded film and animation enthusiasts.

THE TALE OF THE SEAS is a story I am very passionate to tell. The concept developed a few years ago as I was working on my animated short film FISHER. I wanted to expand the sea-faring universe I created for Fisher into something on a much larger scale and open a new dimension filled with sea creatures and colonies on the edge of the world. For the past couple of years I have been living in this world, developing the story, fleshing out the script and painstakingly building the visual world and narrative for THE TALE OF THE SEAS.

I have now come back from this universe with my story and trailer in hand, ready to share it with this world. The missing piece to complete the film is you. If you like what you see and want to be part of our voyage in telling the story of THE TALE OF THE SEAS please contact us on ways to contribute and bring this formidable adventure to life!

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About the team


Yoram Benz, Director/Animator

Yoram Benz is the founder of One Eyed Robot and an award-winning animation director whose career span on two decades. His animated short films have won multiple awards on both national and international festival circuits including Best Animation, Best Character Design and Best In show. His film Fisher was an official selection in over 25 film festivals worldwide. His other animated film, the Shark And The Can was an official Selection in both Animation Film Festivals and Environmental Film Festivals worldwide, including the 2012 BLUE Film Festival which was presided by Jean-Michel Cousteau as  selecting jury. Yoram Benz is also a recurring Jury member for the Northwest Animation Festival, which was effectively nominated the largest animation festival in the country. For the past few years Yoram has been working with clients such as Cartoon Network among others, producing various animated commercial work in partnership with both movie studios and brands. His work has been compared to a cross between David Lynch and The Incredible Mr. Limpet by animation critic and industry veteran Jerry Beck. Yoram will be spearheading the project with a small dedicated team of seasoned visual artists, illustrators and animators.


Allen Warner, Script Writer

Allen Warner co-created and wrote the comic book series NINJA BOY, which was published by DC Comics, and optioned by Warner Bros. Animation. He’s worked as a video game writer for Power of Two Games, Dark Wing Studios, and Dreamslair Entertainment, and has written for DC Comics since 2001, co-creating the series SKYE RUNNER, and THE NEW DYNAMIX, and writing stories for DC COMICS PRESENTS WILDSTORM, and the NINJA BOY: FADED DREAMS graphic novel. He’s currently writing an upcoming series for BOOM! Studios.


Marcus Fischer, Composer

Marcus Fischer is a musician & multimedia artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. With early beginnings in the LA independent music scene, Fischer moved from there to Olympia, Washington where in addition to drumming in various bands he found new opportunities to further experiment with sound, using tape loops and electronics. The journey led next to Portland, Oregon, where he continues to refine his experimentations. Field recordings, chance, and DIY instruments, coupled with acoustic instrumentation and visual art, define what has become Marcus’s minimal signature.
Fischer co-curates SIX, an annual six-speaker surround sound performance series, and has had the opportunity to score various short films and multimedia performances. In recent years he has also been involved with projects and performances for Art organizations such as the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, SASSAS, Dublab and Berklee College of Music.
Past musical releases include “Monocoastal” (12k, 2010), “Collected Dust” (Tench 2012) + “Rivers Home” (Flaming Pines, 2012).
Past collaborative releases include Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer “In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes” (12k 2011), Marcus Fischer + The Oo-Ray
“Tessellations” (Optic Echo, 2012) and “Between” (12k, 2012) with Taylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer, Corey Fuller, Tomoyoshi Date and Simon Scott which is a live recording of a performance in Kyoto, Japan.