We know things have been quiet on the news front, but for good reason, we are busily working on putting all the pieces together to secure production of our film, your film, The Tale Of The Seas! We figured we should give you all a quick update on it, and that no news is good news! As an added incentive I have this little guy staring at me everyday on my desk, as if urging me to bring him to life!


Geek Tyrant’s The Tale of the Seas write-up!


Check out this cool write-up form the awesome people at Geektyrant!

“You should watch this trailer for a wonderfully animated feature, The Tale of the Seas. Directed and animated by Yoram Benz from a script by Allen Warner, this is an entirely self-funded passion project. I really love the somber, atmospheric tone, and the fact that it is an animated adventure drama is different and intriguing. The animation style is a refreshing break from the perfectly smooth 3D animation we’ve grown accustomed to, and the story definitely piques my curiosity.[...]”

Full article here.


The villagers’ house

houses tots

Wanted to share some sketches and evolution of the houses in the village of The Tale Of The Sea. As mentioned prior, the inspiration for both the houses and the village came from Nordic fishing villages such as those found in the Faroe Islands. Once you see how surreal these places look in real life, you realize it’s not a far stretch for them to be part of a more fantastical world!







The evolution of Kelp – Part 1


The Tale Of The Sea‘s protagonist, Kelp, has undergone quite a process before reaching his final look. The design had to specifically work with the animation style we were going for, both for visual and budget reasons. Although most “Kelps” did not make the cut, they are nonetheless worth sharing for their unique take on our little hero. Here is one set of many that we have of him!

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The characters of The Tale Of The Seas – Who is Gale?


Gale is a child laborer who works at the village factory. There she helps process fish and clean the putrid storage room where the rotting fish is disposed. As the able-bodied men work at sea, women and children are left manning the fish factory where the daily catch is brought in. As soon as children are old enough to take orders, they are sent to work at the processing plant. Although other girls her age aspire to find a fisherman to care for and marry when they reach age, Gale dreams of becoming a fishing woman one day. Her tomboyish ways and sailing dreams make her a fish out of water among other kids her age. Being different is what she has in common with Kelp and that affinity is what makes them unique friends.

Check out The Tale Of The Seas trailer to see more of Gale in action!