Behind the scenes – The village’s ships and boats


Here are few designs for the boats and ships from the village’s fishing fleet! The variations in size reflects the affluence and wealth of the villagers. The older fishermen tend to use the more traditional older boats in contrast with the bigger ships made to fish on industrial scales and all mainly owned by the merchant and a dark figure of the village, Set.  You can get a peak of the boats in action as they go through a storm in our trailer!

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Creating the village by the sea


Creating a new world from scratch as we have for our film The Tale Of The Seas can be both an exciting and intimidating process. Our village, tucked under a cliff at the edge of the sea, had to convey both a feeling of isolation as well as timeless tradition. Here are a few sketches of our village before it reached its final form! The visual exploration was a very inspiring process and you can see small bits and pieces in each of these that made it in the final village!

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The Tale Of The Seas featured on French Animation News site Catsuka!



We had the pleasure today to find The Tale Of The Seas featured on the front page of the French Animation News site Castuka.com! Very cool to see our project gaining some international traction! Keep up the good work animation fans!


Behind The Scenes – Villagers 2

vilagers 2

A few more explorations and sketches of the villagers populating our world today!

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The characters of The Tale Of The Seas – Who is Kelp?


Kelp is the protagonist of our story and the mysterious creature that washes up on the shore of the small village by the edge of the sea. His arrival does not bode well with the villagers that live in the shadows of tradition and superstition. Unable to breathe air, Kelp has external gills ( like the awesome axolotl!) and wears a diving mask filled with sea water oxygenated by a small steam engine. Although short and unassuming, Kelp has mysterious abilities unknown even to him. A fish-out-of-water, his purpose is unclear at first, but with the help of unlikely friends Kelp will find what he seeks and his true meaning.