In 2012, Yoram Benz’s animated short Fisher (full film embedded below) hit the film festival circuit, screening at a dozen plus venues around the world. Emboldened by the success, Yoram has begun work on a spiritual successor to Fisher, The Tale of the Seas, a feature length animated film featuring new characters. What makes this new project so daring is the film’s budget. When completed, Tale will fall somewhere under the $2 million range, an unheard of amount in a world of Pixar and Dreamworks. While the budget is small(ish), Yoram’s experience is not. Working in the industry for over 10 years, he created One Eyed Robot in 2011. His clients have included Cartoon Network and TLC, and he’s worked on projects that have featured the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Transformers, Lego’s Lord of the Rings.

Yoram chats with Against Type about the culture of Animation in the United States, his hopes and dreams for independent feature animation, and what drives him at One Eyed Robot.



“I find this atmospheric, slightly oddball animation style especially charming. I watch a lot of animated shows and movies, and it is incredibly refreshing to see something so new and different. [...] How we spend our money shows what we value. As geeks, we all give a lot of money to the massive corporations that churn out blockbusters of varying quality, and that’s fine, but we also value creativity and originality, and our spending should support that.”


“You should watch this trailer for a wonderfully animated feature, The Tale of the Seas. Directed and animated by Yoram Benz from a script by Allen Warner, this is an entirely self-funded passion project. I really love the somber, atmospheric tone, and the fact that it is an animated adventure drama is different and intriguing. The animation style is a refreshing break from the perfectly smooth 3D animation we’ve grown accustomed to, and the story definitely piques my curiosity. [...]”



“The Tale Of The Seas is a project of American independent feature film carried by the director Yoram Benz in his studio One Eyed Robot. The trailer below is rather pleasant, and I especially want to commend the initiative because they produce this along with a micro budget (probably close to the self-financing).”



“There’s a personal project in the works from award winning animation director and designer Yoram Benz of One Eyed Robot. It’s called “The Tale Of The Seas” and is heading towards a [78] minutes full length animated feature film once it reaches its fruition. The movie is about a coming-of-age fantasy following a mysterious sea creature that washes up on the shores of an isolated fishing village.”